Wedding Photography 5 tips to create beautiful photographs

Fatima & Ali

Communication with clients

Behind every scheduled wedding photography shoot is a series of inquiries, bookings, and payment discussions. It all starts with effective communication so that you can do all the necessary preparations and set expectations with the client. We make sure that clients have a way to contact us; preferably through email, that way we can keep track of all your requests.

Wedding photography contract

When the client signs a contract, it means we agree with our role and responsibilities for the wedding. The contract clearly states our tasks and what the clients will receive. It serves as a protection to both parties, especially since there’s money involved.


When you arrive during the preparation, the couple, family, and wedding party might just be starting with hair and makeup. This is a great chance to take photos of details like:

Close-up shots of the rings, cord, and veil
Bouquets, corsage, and other flower arrangements
Hanging dresses and suits


Groom Coverage

Like the bridal shoot, coverage of the groom documents the guys preparing for the event. It’s also about having fun with the groom’s best friends. Allocate at least 30-45 minutes to shoot moments such as:
A ‘cheers’ shot with some beer or scotch
Groom putting on jacket, tie, and cuff links
Family shots
Solo pictures of the groom
Quirky shots of the wedding party

We are Click Montreal Wedding Photography, call us 438-868-6387. We can create a full package including:

Bridal Coverage

The bridal coverage highlights how the bride prepares for the wedding day. It’s also about spending time with the special friends in her life. Carve out at least an hour to capture the following:

Bride, maid of honor, and bridesmaids getting their hair and makeup done
Parents helping the bride with accessories
Maid of honor and bridesmaids having fun with the bride
Bride putting dress on
Group shots with the family
Creative shots of the bride beside a big window, in the staircase, or other stunning areas at the venue

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