Wedding Day Schedule

Schedule of the day
Accordingly with your contract include the time to start our services.
Place where the bride is going to dress up
Place where the groom is going to dress up

If your contract includes our DJ and photobooth services, please complete the following:

Presentation of Head Table

use names how you'd like to be announced. Leave empty if does not apply to your event.
Names will be announced in sets of two, or your choice.
Dances after walk in the room: takes from 10 to 15 minutes of everyone dancing while waiters fill champagne glasses for welcome toast.

Dinner Schedule

Party Schedule

Opening of the dance floor, songs:
Single ladies...
I'm too sexy ...

Important last notes:

1. Don't forget to email us your dinner and party songs playlist 3 weeks before your event.
2. Please make seating arrangements for DJ, MC, Photographer & Videographer. A meal has to be included for each person working.
3. All communications to us and playlist e-mail to: Please include both names


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